The Adams Observatory is owned and operated by the Ames Area Amateur Astronomers in cooperation with the Story County Conservation Board. Free public programs are provided at our regular meetings, as well as additional free programs for special events such as eclipses and bright comets.

In 1999, our former domed facility was replaced with a roll-off-roof building that provides an open view of the sky, more floor space, easy access at ground level, and a heated control room and storage area.

Mounted in the Adams Observatory is a Celestron® CGE1400 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. This telescope replaced a 12½-inch reflector in 2009.

The observatory's coordinates are 42° 05' 33.24" N, 93° 34' 07.78" W, at an altitude of 317.9m.

Our 14" telescope is currently at the shop for repairs, but when it is back, club members are able to view the starry skies with the telescope after our club meetings. We also have other telescopes that we can set up and use on public nights as long as the skies are clear. Another advantage of being a club member is the ability to borrow some of our equipment for two weeks at a time between club meeting dates.

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