Outreach Mission Of the Club

Our mission is one of learning, discovery, and engagement. The Ames Area Amateur Astronomers is becoming a powerful force for moving the community forward into the 21st century of astronomical understanding. To do this we must reach out to the surrounding area and in partnership with local businesses, organizations and individuals that share our interests we can engage our community in the sciences and in the future of humanity.


" I see an increasing need to bring these interesting topics to the youth of our area, as outreach director I will work with everyone possible to bring an interest in science back to our community" Evan Zerby Outreach Coordinator 2010-

  We will accomplish our vision with the six following goals.
  1. Access: Provide access to innovative and relevant educational programs, research, and information within the Ames Iowa area and beyond, to meet the broad range of current and future needs of individuals, organizations and communities in our area, state, nation and world.
  2. Partnerships: Create and expand mutually beneficial and responsive partnerships that enhance the educational outreach capability of the Ames Area Amateur Astronomers. To give to these partners the opportunity to share there influence with the world through outreach.
  3. Scholarship: Stay current on astronomy, to have answers for questions from all corners of the cosmos. To provide an arena of healthy debate and discussion on astronomy.
  4. Integration: Integrate outreach, engagement and discussions of science into the everyday lives of our community and beyond.
  5. Culture: Create a widely shared culture the promotes, encourages and rewards interest in astronomy and science. To relieve the stigma that often follows sciences in our current culture.
  6. Resources: To provide materials from in astronomy from all over the world to anyone interested in science. I have free access to all who seek the knowledge we offer. From telescopes to coloring books we pledge to provide resources to those who want them.
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